6 Top Resources to Get out of the Restaurant Industry

Thanks for joining us and starting a journey out of the restaurant business.  It is a good business, but long-term it is more physically demanding the mentally demanding.  These resources are here to help you start a journey out of it; to leave on your own terms…

Sitting at the table:

1. The Solopreneur Hour With Michael O’Neal:  This is a podcast with incredible conversation about what it is like to start a business and live the life of a solopreneur.  A solopreneur is an individual that has a business that only has 1 person or starts with a single person: YOU!  Michael spent several years working in the restaurant business, both BOH and FOH.  Be a fly on the wall for amazing conversations.

2. Side Hustle Nation: Chances are you will be starting a side hustle at first, with the goal of covering full-time money. Not sure your muse/idea can be a sustainable business, this is the place to go between the blog and podcast.

3. Hootsuite: Manage multiple social media accounts (Twitter, FB, G+ and Linkedin to name a few.  Free version lets you use up to 5 accounts.  Hootsuite lets you schedule posts and even provides the best time (s) to post!  Want to add another account?  The pro version starts at $9.99, well worth it to make life easy.

4. Evernote: We mention this in a blog post, but this is amazing! Always have your ideas, lists, inspiration pictures nearby on any device.  This is 100% free with a paid premium version, however, with so much functionality, we do not recommend getting.

5. Afford Anything: One of the most brutally honest and from the blogs out there about the most precious resource on the planet.  Not sure what it is?  It is hard for many in the restaurant business to know, since we live and die by it, especially when “in” is before it, but TIME.

6. WordPress.com: WordPress.com is where you go to start telling your story and get an idea on how to build a website.


An extra $50 on top of the AUTO GRAT!

A paid and free resource to get you in the right direction.


The Service Workshop Facebook Group: Tipping out for Good!  Like minded people interacting and sharing the journey.


Bluehost: Set up a self-hosted website in about 5 minutes.  Have your first post up in 15 minutes.  Easy to use and the best support in the business!

Make the world your oyster

Make the world your oyster!

Spread the word with the whole staff!

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