Why is The Holiday Season Busy?

The (BUSY) Holiday Season

The Holiday's are Tough for the Restaurant IndustryThe holidays are coming and this means the population will suddenly decide they want to go out for dinner at least 2-3 times a week and have their yearly gatherings. Not too mention end of year parties.

What does this mean?

Hopefully it means everyone will be extra busy, which is good for business and OVERTIME! Sweet! It will be a rough few weeks leading into the New Year, replete with hopefully an awesome staff party at some point in January! The holidays also mean it is possible for every night to feel like a Saturday and there is money to be made for FOH and food to get out for the BOH/HOH. The business volume of this time of year is so large that many restaurants hire more staff for the season. This is a good thing as many hire part-time employees that tend to leave after the season is over.


Well the sad news is, restaurant employees work, work, work and work. This is pretty terrible. Many of us in this business miss all of the holiday’s; rarely get to enjoy time with family and friends. Most importantly, many restaurants do not even have a holiday party! That is the really lousy part of the busy holiday season. Some say it eases with time, that is a lie. Not being around for the holidays is difficult.  It is hard to year in and year out hold holidays either before or after due to the schedule of a restaurant.  Having Thanksgiving on the Sunday before or after isn’t the same as on the 4th Thursday of November.  The excitement isn’t there and we feel it.  A glimmer of good news is that for those that dislike New Years, working on the day is usually exhausting but really good for the wallet, heading into the very slow 6 weeks or so between NYE and the most mortal enemy of the restaurant industry, Valentines Day.

The busy holiday season

How do we in the restaurant industry cope with it? Everyone has their own mechanism. Some restaurants offer employees the option of taking off one of the days in exchange for working the other. Others hold lotteries/drawings. Still some restaurants, close (AWESOME) for one or several of them. On the extreme end, a few even let employees enjoy in festivities on NYE.  Hats off to those restaurants, thanks for adding a human element to the night!  The good thing is if your restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, you get to enjoy one or both of them, the downside is still New Years. It seems New Years has lost its luster as people do not want to be on the roads and would rather watch the multitude of TV shows and now college football on that night!

The worst part is the trend is showing that more and more guests want to dine out on holidays as cooking is becoming a thing of the past with hyper-busy schedules, long work days and a general distaste for cleaning up after hosting 15 people at their house for dinner.  If a restaurant is closed this year, again, salivate, this may not be the case next year.

Let us know how you deal with the Holidays below and do not forget to celebrate them in a unique way with loved ones this year.


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