What happens with Sudden Job Loss from being Fired?

 Being Fired, The Other Sudden Job Loss

Previously we wrote about what happens with a sudden job loss due to a restaurant closing. That is always tough, cause it can happen to any restaurant at the drop of a sauté pan. It poses its own unique set of circumstances and challenges.

On the other hand, one can lose their job the traditional way, being let go or fired. Being let go is the same thing as firing, only not as a harsh. Usually someone is let go on decent terms. When it happens, the result is the same. The formerly employed person is now jobless and more than likely crushed.

Sudden Job Loss Happens


A person would be crushed to suddenly have a job, especially if they are making good money, disappear. In an industry where you are only as good as the last 3 days you worked, nothing is worse the next few days being taken away and probably the next two weeks. That might be the most crushing of all. Collecting unemployment is always a possibility, but it is never enough for this industry and pretty much any other.


Why This Happens?


Why would any person lose their job? The reasons are endless, unfortunately in the restaurant business it happens quickly and at times for small offenses or even a first offense. Much like retail, the offenses can vary from theft to a poor experience by an important guest. Whatever it is, we admit it is only probably warranted half of the time, the other half chalk up to politics and power. Power is usually from management, while politics, that comes from influential employees and others.


What to do when you are that person?


Be humble, do not try to argue or make it worse. Make sure you do not get screwed out of pay and ensure all the paperwork is signed. Then there will be a few things to do in no particular order…



It happens to everyone!


This is not an isolated situation to the restaurant industry, if it only happens more frequently. Keep in mind many times this maybe mutual as well. Mutual does not count the job hoppers that stick around long enough to qualify for benefits then find a reason to lose their job and willing welcome the check. However, if you are reading this, we wager this is not you; you most likely have a reason to work. Mutual also might not mean it is agreed upon to part ways, but silently welcomed by the receiving party.


What matters is how you bounce back!


Why do we write about Sudden Job Loss?

Recently, this happened to a friend of the blog. The truth is that it was about a month before the friend was going to leave anyway, as the job wasn’t cutting it. Between the dedication required, opportunity for a good life and rigors of the job, it was pure torture. Every day this friend was feeling dreams fleeting and resenting taking the job.Sudden Job Loss can be relieving


Next steps?


Our friend isn’t sure, however is working on it. The real motivation for writing about this is what comes next.

The world in the Internet Age is an open book that is always being rewritten. We are pulling for our friend to work it out and land someplace their dreams and needs can be met.

The Super Bowl was today, we do not have much to write about besides deflated footballs and boneheaded play calls. Finally, the post scheduled for today ended up being about as good as rotten fish.



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