How Do I Get the Word Out About MY Serverpreneur Hustle?

 How do I start a blog and tell a story?

How do I start getting the word out about my Serverpreneur Hustle?

One of the first and most important things to do when starting as a serverpreneur or is getting the word out on what you do. It can be tricky and imposing as you may never done this before, but is actually quite easy given the resources of social media around you today, not to mention that you work in business that involves talking to tens if not hundreds of people a day, many of them you do not know! Many of those starting their businesses or thinking about it cannot say that. These are people trapped in a cubicle and do not have the option of interacting with many people.

This gives you (serverpreneur) the advantage!

Double advantage since you can work on these projects on weekdays and interact with people on weekdays, when they are working and thinking about getting things done.

Why is the title crossed out, I thought that blogging was a great way of getting the word out?

Blogging is one way of getting the word out on what you do or want to do, but is not the only way. It is a platform that acts as a landing page for other platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, G+, Snapchat and YouTube. Blogging, especially when you have your own hosted site through a company like Bluehost for example is real estate you own. Imagine having your own little corner of the internet picked out, where you get to be the boss?

Welcome to owning your own self-hosted website! This is where to drive all of the content when you are getting the word on what it is you do (besides work in the restaurant industry). Owning real estate in the noisy social world is important for a few reasons:

  • You control the space
  • You control the content
  • You control the look and feel
  • You call the shots
  • You are getting the word out, your word
  • You post your opinion and ideas

Get where the list is going?Getting the word out shamelessly

Being a serverpreneur, you already know what it is like to run your own show. Now eliminate the restaurant and of course a manager! We do not at this blog go too overboard with design and colors, however there are sites out there that make their canvas of a website fitting for an EDM festival. Whatever it is you want you can do! Make sure when you do start your website, you keep in mind your avatar or ideal client/reader.

The idea of finding your ideal reader/client is a long and painful process, follow the link above for one of the best pieces on the internet about the subject.

I now have a blog, how does getting the word out work?

For tonight’s main course we are serving, being a oral whore, served up by you. Not in a sexual sense, but, taking a cue from the car sales and tell everyone what you do. Use restraint as some, mostly managers will think you will be leaving your job soon and may want that separation to be sooner rather than later. The goal is to leave on your terms, when you can afford to walk away from the job.

What it takes to get the word out?

Many things and nothing!

Getting the word out requires leveraging a few different resources and going strong on one. Have a favorite social network? Start there and build out! Work on starting a new account for the website/business/blog. Take on a persona similar to your ideal client and speak to them. Its very simple, it should always be simple. This is at the start, the worst thing to do is hold back and contemplate a big strategy.


Start posting while you build your website or hold the website back until you a solid month or two of posts ready to day. WordPress lets you schedule posts, to make life easy. This is good cause the writing is the easy part. The hard part is getting the word out about the website and getting people to your site.

What does it take to get the word out successfully?

A great place to start is by doing a basic search on Google or another internet search for blogs with similar content. This type of search has led us to find The Social Net Cooker, which is a fantastic blog about working in the restaurant industry. Once these are found, it is good to comment on their blogs/podcasts. We emphasize (provided it is allowed) to link back to “your” webpage. Commenting serves two purposes:

  1. Creates backlinks
  2. Lets other commenters know you are there

Why let others know I’m there?

In college I had a professor that suggested customers protect the brand, not the opposite. Think about it…if brands protected the customers, there would be no point of advertising. Hence, if you target a blogs’ readers they can also become your readers. If they know you are there, they can try your site out. At first, the goal is to get visitors to the site as site traffic evolves, you can then work on monetization or whatever else your goal is with the website.

There doesn’t also have to be a goal, there are bloggers that only rely on traffic to make a blog profitable. See this interview with Josh Dorkin of BiggerPockets, he founded a real estate investing website (also a great way to fire the restaurant and manager where you work). Most of the revenue for the site comes from being apart of ad networks. Some may want to build a business around their blog to sell products or services others may want to draw it from affiliate sales.

What is an affiliate sale?

Ever see an ad that looks like this on a blog? Web Hosting $3.95

If you click and sign up for hosting, the owner of the website gets a commission, they can add up. It is the basis of Pat Flynn’s blog Smart Passive Income. This is a great starting point for those looking to make extra money online or any sort of “side-hustle” income. Pat Flynn speaks about what he has done and tried to grow his businesses. He started in the online world after learning of an impending layoff from his job as an architect. Pat is a master at getting the word out about what he does and what he stands for.

Now to a secret social source for getting the word out!

Our last portion of getting the word involves social media, not the main social media mentioned above, but the only place you should be pushing your content and only your content: Google Plus. There are critics of G+ that call it a failure and strange. It is actually a great social network with hidden value. The hidden value is that what you post to it gets into Google’s algorithm. This a HUGE for a new blog or website as it creates more of those backlinks mentioned earlier. It also makes a great place to follow other bloggers as well. The way G+ functions is it allows your to connect with people and see their content while both contributing to building your businesses. It is more interactive than Facebook and personal than Twitter. A perfect combination to create something wonderful and get the word out!

 Get out there and starting building while getting the word out

The time to start is now, do not wait, go get a domain or at least start writing! Get out and starta Twitter feed for the business/blog/idea you have and see where it goes!

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