Leave The Restaurant Industry or Stay In?

Leave the Restaurant Industry or Stay in IT?

It is a constant battle in this business: whether to come back for the next shift or not. Leave the restaurant industry or stay in it? If there is any job that makes one feel like a hooker or stripper. It is probably being a bartender or server. There are other jobs that make the mark as well: car sales (commissioned sales in general), certain executive assistant/sales assistant jobs (case by case due to demanding bosses), cashier in a grocery store and airline steward/stewardess. I will also throw in hotel front desk/concierge due to the nature of the position, it is hospitality and they deal with guest requests on part to the restaurant industry.


Requests are what make hookers hookers and bartenders & servers bartenders & servers. The amount of requests that both of these deal with on a daily basis, where every question asked has an understood answer of “yes” is long enough to wrap around the equator several times. Unfortunately it is the nature of both businesses and makes both lucrative and annoying at the same time. Sadly as well, both tend to send people to dark places. The peaks and valleys of the restaurant industry can take away years of one’s life and not a day goes by where we do not see something like this on Twitter:

Leaving can be tough, staying in can be worse



Why someone wants to Leave the Restaurant Industry?


I spend a fair amount of time following the #serverlife, #bartenderlife, #serverproblems hashtags on Twitter and see this lament at least 6-10 times a week. The first to be asked is, “If not the restaurant business, what job?” Included in this group is the fair amount of servers & bartenders that are in some sort of school or training program (cosmetology, police, electrician) and work nights to keep a roof over their head. Others got lost along the way and found themselves in the industry and unable to walk away from the money (see hookers and strippers). Yet others wanted to be in the industry (restaurants) for their own reasons; fear of cubicle, love of food, flexibility of schedule or interaction with different people. Volumes have and can/will be written on the virtues of working in the FOH. The real question is WHY?

Why Leave The Restaurant Industry?


  • Why are so many people looking to get out of this industry?
  • What is it about this industry that brings out the worst in people?
  • What happens when the industry is no longer for me?


Talk about Leaving the Industry


Chances are for many it will happen and the reasons will vary. The grind wears thin and life changes as well. It is hard to pick it all up and start a new job when many of us work 24-32 hours a week and make much more than the average entry level job pays and demands more than the 40 hour week the contract gets signed for. However, what do you do with that free time (if you have it) before going in for a dinner shift or those days off during the week?

  • Do you sleep it off?
  • Are you gaming it away?
  • Is it a bar, cause you know, it’s the only time you can imbibe?

At these times, many contemplate why they are still in the industry.  They also see non-industry friends and hope to get special occasions off! I know I do so, especially on the drive to and from work. It is time to take this conversation to the next level…

It will do so in our new FACEBOOK group! Tipping out for Good!

I look forward to connecting here as we all grow together.



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