Its been a real long time!

There is a time when you know you let something go.


There is a time when you knew it was due to self-doubt.


It happens when outside influences let you get distracted from yourself.


Then I get distracted again and again and again and again and again.


Also I realize that I write about an industry that has been good to me and now owns me.


I hate the same industry and want out; it has worn on me and provides more frustration than anything.


Every time I have left, I sadly find myself back to the dining rooms of the Las Vegas Strip.


This path is as destructive as it is productive.


It all leads to the self-designed prison.


Working for others, not in control.


It has to end; it has to end soon.


The story is the same, it is nothing new.


I’m not the first, nor the last to end up back here.


However, I am trapped in its hamster wheel.


“Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in”


The scene is familiar.


Very familiar.


It is time for a change.


What does this change have to do with a restaurant?




What does it have to do with improving service?




What does service have to do with this?




Servicing guests and people in a professional manner is important to becoming free.


Free of what?

Is it time to change your path? Join us!

Read above, it starts with W and ends with K.


Its a 4 letter word, that many people dred.




When is it time to start thinking beyond the server station, bar well, cold box #2 or managers office?


Do you want to live a different life than working in this industry?


Are you better than what got you in the rabbit hole in the first place?


Is your job in a similar industry taking you down?


What is the industry you are in?


Are you at the point where showing up is a chore?


Is it time for a different career or lifestyle?


Lets open up the discussion on what happens next for us all.

Spread the word with the whole staff!

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