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We enjoy The Bitchy Waiter blog and find it insightful and have referenced it in this past, however the situation about this 21 month old has been blow out of proportion and in reality is no different than having a drunk in the restaurant or a really rude deuce.

Its time to grow up and respect that yes, kids are people too if not fully developed.  Their bodies and minds are different and there is a reason some restaurants do not allow children under 5.  That is respectable as there is no reason to bring a 3 year old to The French Laundry.  However, a casual diner in a “tourist” town during tourist season, they can deal with it!  I have worked expensive dining rooms in Las Vegas on the Strip and kids are always hit or miss and have had more problems with adults than kids in my experience.  Here is our response, which has already caused problems on Facebook.


Sounds like the ranting of someone that doesn’t have children and no intention of ever having children. You are wrong on so many levels! The old cliche of waiters, waitresses and servers hating families with kids prevails! Great job contributing to it encouraging this outrageous behavior. Shame on you and the diner owner.

She is entitled to refuse service, but after taking an order…please its no different than someone saying they have 30 minutes to eat and orders a well done bone in steak. Good luck with that. Regardless of the situation or where the woman is from, kids of all ages react differently to different stimuli.

I have taken my son out of restaurants before for having a meltdown; maybe it wasn’t in the cards and the poor mother is right for not wanting to take her kid out in the rain, it more than likely would only agitate the child more. I know my two children would only be more agitated by rain.

Shame also on the irate owner for not pushing the ticket out more quickly. Not sure what kind of operation this woman runs, but in any halfway decent restaurant I ever worked in, kids meals got pushed out quicker cause, eating kids are quiet kids…at any age up to 18.

Take you prissy praise of that monster and bring to the rest of the kid hating legions of restaurant workers, but do not attack a parent until you are one. I will gladly help those families when I work and welcome them cause happy kids means happy parents which means a happy wallet.
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