How Will Effective Restaurant Twitter Marketing Increase Business?


Twitter is an incredible resource for marketing, especially restaurant twitter marketing.

How do you use Twitter?

As a business?

As an individual?

Does the business even “use” Twitter? By use we mean actively post and respond to posts on Twitter?

Spread the word!

That is a tough question to answer. Define “use” please?

We can do that! By “using” Twitter we are referring to posting at least 2-3 times a day (may be automated) and retweeting, commenting where needed, even acquire new followers (guests)!

Remember, Twitter is more dynamic than Facebook, posts have a shorter life-cycle, hence the need to post more frequently. There is a trick that can increase the life of a Twitter post; hashtags. Hashtags can give a post more life by tweeting to a niche. Even more so, by following the link, there are recommendations on how to most effectively use hashtags in terms of amount per post across multiple networks, including Instagram. Instagram can be incredibly valuable for a restaurant, which we will approach in a later post!

Twitter is what we are talking about, but hashtags are important to getting the message out and getting impressions with the right people. Impressions are a digital marketing term for views (eyeballs). What is great being a business marketing digitally, is the amount of tools out there to track all of the marketing. Much of these tools are built into the networks themselves. Twitter has an amazing analytics platform to check out. Be aware that some reports are no different than looking at inventory, others require a bit of knowledge.

Why Post to Twitter Several Times a Day and Use Hashtags?

If I am a restaurant in say Atlanta and there is an event, say a Georgia Tech home football game against say Syracuse. I would want to reference the game to get in the minds of visitors to the city for the game. Figuring there would be a large contingent from out of town, using restaurant Twitter marketing you would want them to know about your restaurant before they come to town. In this instance it would be a great idea to see how the any official twitter account for the city or college is promoting the game or a local TV station on Twitter, of course.

This gets you in the conversation and most importantly its free!


Yes, FREE!

Restaurant Twitter marketing is a possibility and is free and effective. It does require a few things, time (about an hour or two a day) and a good story to tell. If you cannot find a good story to tell, find someone else’s.

Where Can This Story Be Found?

The story you are looking for can be found in tweets, reviews and pictures by guests. Social media is funny, both good and bad things can be trapped in the digital world for eternity…or until the company goes bankrupt!  Scan other networks such as Foursquare, Yelp!, Urbanspoon or TripAdvisor for reviews.  Many reviews left on the first 3 have twitter handles.  Let the users know you appreciate their reviews, if not, feel free to comment on the sites or do a search for their twitter handle (don’t be a stalker).

Once the story is found, exploit it! That’s right exploit it! Use features in Twitter itself to do restaurant Twitter marketing! Twitter has the ability to retweet content and share the news with your followers. Hopefully your restaurant has many followers (500+). Reaching and engaging with current followers and turning on the restaurant to new fans is done fairly simply by using the MT, modified tweet. The modified tweet means instead of a straight RT, you modify the content another person posted:

Original Tweet:

restaurant twitter marketing

Our Tweet:

Restaurant Twitter Marketing


See how a slight modification can make a post worth of a read for your audience! The currency in social is eyeballs (impressions). Seeing a big MT or RT in front of a tweet draws those eyes to take a look! Our audience is the restaurant industry: managers and FOH employees.  We altered the content to fit our audience but kept the meat the same.

What is Worthy of an RT or MT in Restaurant Twitter Marketing?

This is the million dollar question!

You want to spread the word of compliments and people expressing excitement to visit or those that publish news about the restaurant or area of town the restaurant is located. Maybe there is a big convention nearby or a special event at the university events center. Getting involved in the conversation is a great way to be involved with restaurant Twitter marketing.

What if There Isn’t Time to Tweet?

What is great about Twitter is that the restaurant doesn’t need to have a great personality on Twitter. One of the great things about the restaurant business is that somewhere there has to be a few people with personality! Feel free to let them be involved with restaurant Twitter marketing. It can also help the pockets of servers and bartenders, while giving them something to do. We know it sounds crazy, but they have skin in the game to fill the building, even if it is for one drink.

What Happens When They are Not Working?

Let them know that they are representing the restaurant and are giving up some of the personal elements of Twitter. This only applies if they are tweeting to help business at the restaurant. If they are using the restaurant Twitter account, that is a different story; the same rules as being on the floor apply.

What should We Tweet Out for Restaurant Twitter Marketing?

Specials!Cards enable more content and pictures



Twitter has a new feature that allows videos to be posted. This is great for the chef/cook that likes to use the service. They can make a short (up to 30 seconds) video of a special being finished or bacon sizzling on a flattop. The possibilities are endless! On the same note, feel free to involve the bar, by preparing a signature drink or martini. The goal would be to produce content that is fun, interesting and inline with the restaurants’ brand. Any video or picture published to Twitter should invoke someone to make a reservation or share with others. Be sure to include hashtags as well!

What about the limitation of 140 characters?

Twitter is a microblogging site, tweets are limited to 140 characters, even worse, the goal should be to limit the character usage to about 110 per post.




To allow for RT’s and MT’s! It also allows for those comments and the scheduling of RT’s from the account of a chef or manager that wants to keep the tweet alive!


Twitter Cards? Someone Mentioned Them To Me


Great question, these let you increase the amount of characters in a post to 240! There is a caveat to them though, it requires a little bit of technical know how to use. Twitter Cards involved a slight bit of programming, nothing to crazy, but enough to require someone that understands basic HTML or networking. (An employee in college should be able to get them setup). These cards also allow you to add larger pictures and promote special events/menu’s or the business in a whole new way. For more info on Twitter cards go to the Twitter Developer webpage. On this page Twitter simplifies setting up cards and makes it easier for those that do not speak code. We can explore Twitter Cards in a more detailed post.


Where and When Do We Start Restaurant Twitter Marketing?




If the restaurant has a dormant Twitter account or one that isn’t being optimized to get the word out, start today! If you need help shoot an email to [email protected] We are here to help you get started…free for that matter! Time is of the essence and being active on Monday/Tuesday means seats filled on Friday and Saturday! Think of running a Twitter only promotion to bring guests in on Tuesday, thanks to Twitter cards or a few key RT’s!


The possibilities are endless if Twitter can be used effectively for restaurant marketing. Do not be shy or afraid, Twitter is a cocktail party, find the best conversation for the restaurant and its target clientele!

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