A Bad Tip From Salespeople The No Tip Clique


Another day, another business card with a memorable tip…this time a solid 11.32% of the bill.  This is after talking about how great they are at sales or how amazing their supplements are and will change my life, thanks No Tip Clique.  Salespeople sell, that is there job!  Much of the time, especially the straight commission or predominantly commissioned type love to talk about the product they sell or opportunity they have to offer.  Personally they do an amazing job of it and lots of the time are successful selling me at least.  Also, I love you tell us to let you know if anyone is in the market for whatever it is you sell, that is what you are told to do after all?



Actually, yes to all of the above.

Do we want to help you out!

Sure, provided we do not know anyone else in that field.

The No Tip Clique Strikes Again with a Bad TipWhy The No Tip Clique is Different

Why not, we have regulars that have friends; in this business servers, bartenders and managers spend most of the day talking to other people.

HOWEVER, if you expect us to say anything (positive) about you, that 11.32% tip on the check, has to go.  We get it you may just be starting out or do not have a lot to spend.  In this business, an unwarranted bad tip will not get you anything except the card thrown away.

The restaurant business is a hustle members of the commissioned sales force.  We have to bust our asses to make the money, every little bit of hustle in Real Estate, Car Sales, Insurance, Network Marketing or Jewelry is used everyday in the restaurant business.  Ever think that is why so many people leave the restaurant business to get into sales?  The skill set is similar between the restaurant business and most commissioned type sales jobs, or any sales job for that matter.  Do many struggle at the jump from the restaurant business to these and fall back on it, YES!  Face-to-Face selling is part of this industry, we know what it is like, only the numbers are larger.   Few of us regularly engage in selling $200+ bottles of wine, but selling a $15,000 diamond?  Well, the number is bigger, but still the same strategy can be used.

Reasons for the No Tip Clique

What are the reasons No Tip Clique for the lack of leaving tip, but the overwhelming desire to leave a card and sell us on what you do?  Having been through this sales training before, I get it.  You are told to let everyone know what you do, agreed!


Get a copy of The Complete Joe Girard (“The Best Salesman of All-Time”) and listen to some of his tips, one which includes how to tip, especially when giving out a business card or even mentioning what you do!  A few extra dollars (the difference between a good tip and bad tip on a $20 lunch is $4) goes a long way, imagine that the $6 tip on a $20 lunch leads to a $2,000 commission or when dividing $4 into $2,000 OR .002% of the commission!  Not every commission might be that high, however please get the point.  If it is a $200 commission on the sale of a car or insurance policy it is 2% of the commission.  How is that for numbers No Tip Clique?


Not Just Real Estate, Car, Network Marketing or Insurance Sales, ALL SALES fall into the No Tip Clique

Pharma Reps…you and your onerous, yes we dislike the government rules on how you can spend, are guilty of this too!  You are notorious for hosting a small group and leaving an abysmal tip as well.  We get it if it is company policy (looking at you GE and MGM Resorts), there are a few other out there that dictate how your employees should tip when paying with the company card…if you are limited but would like to leave more, reach into your own pocket, that goes a long way and at least saves face, in your extremely vain and competitive industries.

It’s also OK if you cannot help it, we do apologize, but we cannot buy your product if we do not make money, especially now with insurance being offered to many employees in restaurant business, not to mention those making the median income or higher!  It does exist, employees in this industry making $40k+ a year as a server, bartender or somm.  Personally, the last time we didn’t have the opportunity to make $40k/yr was 2006 in this business (that was a boom year too!).  We read an article by Chelsea Fagan (The Financial Diet), in which she calculates the money made as a waitress in two different restaurants and her first entry-level job.

The No Tip Clique Loves To Leave Their CardExperience says, more tipped employees in the restaurant business are making good money than others.  A top server at Brio Tuscan Grille is making about $150-$225 a night.  Let’s call it $180 for the sake of this blog.  So do the math…$180*5=$900*48 weeks= $42,300 (for days off, these people do not get paid vacations and take more time off more than you think)!  This is, yes a top server, but still someone making decent money.  It is true that at high price point restaurants, people make more!  However that is not the norm, but even a top performer at your local chain restaurant isn’t doing too bad!

Why Pick on the No Tip Clique?

Cause they do not tip and recently a friend experienced a mass murder by tipping with a group of salespeople in a restaurant on the famed Las Vegas Strip!

Yes, THREE WHOLE DAYS of it!  Very demanding and particular guests that tortured the staff.  Are we being dramatic here!  100% so!  We are after all about the service and tipped employees at The Service Workshop, however we still love the kitchen and the wonderful work they do, but the FOH deals with guests.  Sorry BOH, even if members of our family work in the kitchen!  It is not for us, that was why we deal with the people!

This group spent about $10 less per person, while bragging more about how many transactions and how much money the make in a year.   They did this more than any other group that comes through in a year.  Now, this property is a major convention hub and handles one of the most dreaded conventions of the year, a group notorious for not spending money and having crazy requests.

Not only is this embarrassing, it is frustrating for the staff to handle!  These are the people more in the trenches than the managers.  They are the butt of every joke or a superhero.  They are those relying on tips for get to work, to keep the power on and play Pokemon Go, or whatever the game of the moment is! Please take of them and let them know you understand how hard they work; they know how hard you work to spend your money there.

The No Tip Clique Strikes Again

No Tip Clique And How To Correct It

Think before you drop your business card, No Tip Clique.  Remember that these people that work on tips, play in a small pond. Selling houses, cars, insurance or whatever it is you sell is on commission; tips are their commission.  It is a direct reflection on yourself and more importantly your business!  Be fair, even if the service sucks, always take care of them!  One day they might be in the market for the product/service/idea you sell!  Think about it…all these people do is talk to each other, this business is a job, like no other.  They spend a lot of time together both in and out of work.  Who else is there to hang out with when you get off at 10pm or later on Tuesday?

Please think about YOUR business and whatever product or service you sell.  Think of the impact having people out to helping you get leads.  So throw them a few extra bucks and let them know how they can help you, provided you are willing to help them.

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