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What is The Service Workshop? How can we improve a restaurant?

Fresh Squid?

A restaurant in the digital aged is defined by what people say and think about it in many of the social media and print publications available. whether we like it or not. Curious of  what the public thinks of a restaurant?  Check on Yelp!, Tripadvisor or and of other popular restaurant review sites.  We help improve a restaurant. Celebrate the restaurant industry in all of its greatness…as we do and its incredible nuance.   We have lived and continue to live in this business. Restaurants are not as pretty and glamorous as many think. They are places where people work hard and in many cases play hard to provide an experience to guests.


Why do we do this? We are obsessed with hospitality and the art of creating memorable experiences,                                            we want to be able to bring the industry together here as a resource to make restaurants more profitable and own the experience.

Who are we?

We are experienced restaurant professionals that have been apart of teams that helped to improve a restaurant and want to share the process with the world. Our goal is to translate the language of the restaurant business into the language of profits and bodies in seats.

 What we do?

  •  Marketing
  • Social media
  • Branding
  • Improving and defining service as part of the experience
  • Profit, ever try working backwards from a number or %?

Service is Marketing!

What brings guests back to the restaurant?  The food, yes, a particular drink/menu offering, sure.  What brings guests back to the restaurant? Consistent and attentive service.  In a restaurant, no one else spends more time with the guests than the front line.  This same front line acts as the face of a restaurant, where food cannot talk or interact.

Even in restaurants such as Chef Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry, the food wouldn’t be the same without the unbelievable service executed by his now wife.  Similarly, Emeril Lagasse is known for providing incredible service at his restaurants, particularly his original restaurant in the New Orleans Warehouse District.  Service that creates an experience around food.

Why not arm a service staff, restaurant manager or yourself with techniques, knowledge and strategies that encourage an experience that is memorable?

We speak restaurant, business, marketing and technology all at the same time and fluently.  Let’s talk on how we can help your restaurant or service team put more dollars in their pockets and the businesses.

Spread the word with the whole staff!

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