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Nothing is better than having the right set of kitchen tools to get through a crazy dinner rush.  We are well aware of that. These are tools of the trade that help make guests come back and perfect Julienned vegetables.  Servers, somms, backwaiters and bussers and bartenders are not using winged wine openers.  They are using the right equipment for the job.  Here we have our tools for restaurant managers and employees to make each shift more successful!

What tools are used to a open a 30 year old bottle of wine?  What happens when that cork breaks and partially disintegrates?  There are tools for both of these specific situations.  Are there tools that help define a restaurants’ brand? Yes!

Our Tools and Resources for Restaurant Managers and Employees

Here are tools we use to and recommend using to help grow, market, streamline and profit in this business.  Sweet!  Tools for restaurant managers and employees are out there to put businesses on the path to profit and more cash in the hands of front line employees.


We know many people in the industry would rather not spend all day behind a computer looking for which site is best for logo design or a few books to help improve a beverage program.

At the service workshop we have spent time and tried many of these tools and resources out.  Most of the ones we use, have been or will be featured on the blog.  Sending our readers and followers to products we have not experienced or sampled would be sacrilege with such a proud group as is found in the restaurant industry.  This list was devised using our experience and passion for the industry.

Tools for Restaurant Managers and Employees

 Reading, wisdom and education: For books and just about anything!  If you cannot find it there, well it must not be available.  Even better is you can get free two shipping by signing up for Amazon Prime!  Better yet, it comes with a free 30 day trial!


Do not have a website? Looking to move your hosting elsewhere or want to tell a story?  Look no further than these two providers, both offer quality hosting solutions and exceptional support/service.

BlueHost: Easy to use with amazing videos to setup a blog/webpage in minutes!

HostGator: Based in Texas and getting more popular as a provider.  Might have the most amount of uptime in the business.  Worth checking out, especially with their signature month-to-month only hosting plans.


Looking for that set of keywords to get the word on the web for a restaurant or blog?  Try (for free) Google Adwords.  This is best resource from the planet’s favorite search engine.

Not sure what keywords are? Social media have you confused, check out Social Media Examiner to learn more about trends in social.



Still using spreadsheets and MS Office forms for the books?  Fed up having to track receipts and such?  Want a solution for the restaurant?  Look no further than Freshbooks.  A cloud based accounting software, that is easy to use and always available!  Even better, register today for a free 30-day trial!

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